Bali Hai

Bali Hai makes a wonderful wedding venue – just north of Mossman and Port Douglas, its close enough to be easy for transport, yet feels like a million miles away.  A very private clearing on the side of the mountain, views over the ranges at sunset and a wet edge pool….  A bamboo grove and stream below the house for wedding ceremony and receptions – Bali Hai works on many levels.  Contact us for more or get in touch with Executive Retreats on 07 40981418.   Check out the gallery below, showing some of the wonderful weddings we have seen at this property over the last 10 years (photography by Sass).

Check out a wonderful recent wedding at the property by clicking here.

Bali Hai - Port Douglas_001Bali Hai - Port Douglas_002Bali Hai - Port Douglas_003Bali Hai - Port Douglas_004
Bali Hai - Port Douglas_006Bali Hai - Port Douglas_007Bali Hai - Port Douglas_008Bali Hai - Port Douglas_009Bali Hai - Port Douglas_010Bali Hai - Port Douglas_011Bali Hai - Port Douglas_012Bali Hai - Port Douglas_013Bali Hai - Port Douglas_014Bali Hai - Port Douglas_015Bali Hai - Port Douglas_016Bali Hai - Port Douglas_017Bali Hai - Port Douglas_018Bali Hai - Port Douglas_019Bali Hai - Port Douglas_020Bali Hai - Port Douglas_021Bali Hai - Port Douglas_022Bali Hai - Port Douglas_023Bali Hai - Port Douglas_024Bali Hai - Port Douglas_025Bali Hai - Port Douglas_026Bali Hai - Port Douglas_027Bali Hai - Port Douglas_028Bali Hai - Port Douglas_029Bali Hai - Port Douglas_030