Natasha Kollosche – Port Douglas Marriage Celebrant

Please note that Natasha will be away for 2016 and is not taking any bookings at this time…  Please click here for alternative celebrants.




Natasha is a long time Port Douglas local who we have worked with on hundreds of weddings. She has that perfect mix of professionalism and laid-back friendliness and we find that from the first moment couples meet Natasha, they relax because they know they are in good hands.

It’s always a pleasure working with Natasha.  Her love of the job and enthusiasm for working closely with our couples ensures your ideas and wishes are incorporated into your ceremony. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and training to her role as a Marriage Celebrant (and ensures there are no hiccups with the legal side of getting married!). She will not only listen to your ideas but will also offer suggestions and advice to ensure your ceremony is tailor-made to fulfil your dreams and be enjoyed by all.

As Natasha says, “The celebration shouldn’t begin after the wedding ceremony, it starts with the ceremony! As such it is a celebration of your past, present and future. It should be uplifting, enjoyable and memorable! It should be a reflection of your personalities, your beliefs, your values. And most importantly, your ceremony should be uniquely yours.”

Please note that Natasha will be away for 2016 and is not taking any bookings at this time…  Please click here for alternative celebrants.

Natasha Kollosche, Civil Celebrant
PO Box 629 Port Douglas, Queensland 4877
Phone (within Australia) 07 4099 3975 (International) +61 7 4099 3975



Cairns Life Magazine Interview 2013 – 

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant who has lived in Port Douglas for the past 21 years.
How long have you been servicing the Port Douglas region for?

As a Celebrant – 8 years – although I have worked in Tourism for many more, including managing Port Douglas Daintree Tourism (now known as Tourism Port Douglas Daintree) during a very tumultuous time with the collapse of Ansett Airlines followed by the Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks just 5 days later.

What influenced your decision to become a marriage celebrant?
A desire to own and operate my own business combined with a good bit of luck and timing! It turned out to be a bonus that I absolutely love the job! What is the most memorable wedding you have been involved in and why?

Having officiated over 800 weddings it is hard to pinpoint just one as there have been so many special couples. One beautiful wedding that springs to mind was an elopement ceremony at the Crystal Wedding Chapel at the Sheraton Mirage a couple of years ago…the groom was 86 years old and the bride was 83. I felt very privileged to have been asked to help them officiate their marriage as they were so in love and completely devoted to each other. What’s one tip you have for the bride and groom whilst planning their wedding?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and be organised well in advance of the big day! Also, I like to reiterate the importance of the bride and the groom being equally involved in organizing their wedding wherever possible. Just as their marriage should be a team effort, so should the wedding planning.

What is the most important question couples should ask when choosing their celebrant?
How many weddings have you officiated? Will you meet with us prior to the wedding day? Both equally important questions in my view!

What’s the most unusual request you have had from a bride and groom in relation to their wedding ceremony?

Early on in my career I had a couple asked to be tied together with a very large rope to signify they had “tied the knot” (they needed 4 men to lift the rope!). Another time I was asked to stand beside a waterfall which I realised afterwards was a very dangerous thing to do given the slippery moss underfoot and the 100 foot plunge over the side of the falls!

Who has been your favourite celebrity couple to wed?
Marrying ARL Captain Cameron Smith and his beautiful wife Barbara was pretty memorable (even though my husband had to explain to me who he was in the beginning)! Helping Kerrie Ann Kennerley celebrate 25 years of marriage to her husband John would have to be another one of the highlights and AFL player Corey Enright and his wife Renee were also very down to earth…the entire Geelong Football Team was in town for their wedding and it was a very laid back affair. All of those couples have proven that you can be famous and awesomely nice at the same time.

What’s your dream destination for a wedding? And if you could be a marriage celebrant for one ‘dream couple’ who would it be?

Of course I would have to say Port Douglas and Daintree as there are just so many different options…reef, rainforest, beach, waterfall, chapels, private holiday homes and beautiful resorts.

I have been a big fan of Jonathan Thurston’s for many years so fingers crossed when he and his fiancé Sam plan to walk down the aisle, hopefully they will look me up!

What can’t you live without?

My husband Ross, our two Kelpies and my laptop – and of course my wardrobe of wedding clothes and shoes!