Port Douglas sunset times

Many couples prefer to hold their wedding ceremony in the afternoon, so sunset time can be very relevant to the plan.

The tropical sun is harsh in the middle of the day, yet disappears quickly in the evening… there is only a small window of ‘golden’ light in the late afternoon and then a twilight period that is lovely but brief. This is certainly something to take into account when planning photography sessions or seaside drinks for the guests.  Too early in the day can mean a lot of squinting and running for shade, too late can mean it gets dark.

Between 3pm and 4pm are the best ceremony time choices for most people, allowing enough light for the afternoons festivities and avoiding the dreaded midday sun.  A cool mid winter day can be the exception, and on these days a 2pm ceremony might be a good choice.

We also see couples choosing to go with a morning wedding followed by a lunchtime and afternoon reception.  As well as letting your guests enjoy a full day of festivities, this option means your ceremony can be held before the day heats up and your photographer has plenty of light.

You can easily find the exact sunset time for your day, however a general guide is that in winter the sun goes down at roughly 6, in summer its around 7 and something in between through the year.  Bear in mind also that Port Douglas and surrounding areas have a mountain range to the west, so the sun will disappear from sight before the official sunset time.

Have a look for your particular date on the link below:



port douglas sunset from sugar wharf