Port Douglas Weather

The wonderful weather is a great reason to choose Port Douglas for a wedding, and picking the time of year that suits your needs is a good idea.  The basics of Port Douglas weather revolve around the ‘dry’ and the ‘wet’.  These terms refer to the monsoonal climate in the far north, with a monsoon season generally running from December to March, and cooler, dryer weather through the middle of the year.

Winter is the busier time of year for weddings and tourism in general, and is known locally as ‘the season’ with many visitors coming to enjoy weeks or months on end of sunshine and minimum temperatures averaging above 15…. locals may pull out a jumper now and then, but for most an average June day of 18 to 25 degrees is a heavenly escape from a southern winter.  The cooler months often have a fresh south easterly trade wind, though there can be magic periods of perfectly clear skies and calm mornings.

Rainfall in winter is substantially lower, with July to September averaging only around 5 rainy days per month.

September/October is a justifiably popular time for weddings in the Port Douglas region, with temps warming enough to make the pool look inviting, but the ‘wet’ not really into full swing.  This time of year also sees a good chance of calmer seas, and can be a great period for enjoying the beach and reef.

December to March sees higher rainfall, with afternoon cloud build up and calm seas the norm.  Whilst many visitors avoid the wet season, there is something special about the balmy tropical months …  A snorkel or dive in the calm warm blue waters of the outer reef at this time of year is wonderful, as is an afternoon cold drink or two under fans at full blast.  The summer sees a slow down in the towns pace, with fewer tourists and an even more relaxed vibe.

The best time of year to visit Port Douglas is up to your preference – do you prefer a cool morning warming to a sunny winters day or the full hot weather tropical experience?  Whichever time of year you choose, the local environment will have something special to offer.


If a beach wedding is on the cards, don’t forget to check the tides as well… at low tide the sea can be a fair way out on four mile beach, with large areas of exposed sand flat.  An extremely high tide is also something to be aware of, as some parts of certain beaches may be hard to access.

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The tides can certainly also play a role in your beach wedding plans so check out some more info about your date here

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