St Mary’s by the Sea and St Mary’s Catholic Church.

St Mary’s by the Sea is a non denominational chapel located on the foreshore of Dickson’s Inlet in Port Douglas.  The building was saved by locals after the Catholic Diocese had built a new church and no longer needed the ‘little old chapel’.  Moving it down the hill to its current spot made for St Mary’s by the Sea as it is now known…. just behind a small beach and very close to town, markets and the Sugar Wharf, this spot is ideal for your wedding ceremony.  The chapel seats 80 people comfortably but can also handle a few more standing at the rear of the chapel. It is air-conditioned but as we have a warm tropical climate year round, educating  your guests on climate appropriate attire is a wonderful idea.

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Can I bring my own celebrant or priest? Yes

CanI get married on any day of the week? Yes.

What times are available for my ceremony? It depends on the the time of year but there are a minimum of 3 time slots per day.

Is there plenty of parking? Yes.

Is there plenty of room for group and family photos?  Yes but these need to be included in the 1.5 hours as the chapel is likely to have another booking following yours.

Can I have musicians or a band? Yes but there is limited room for a full band. Soloists or 3 piece acoustic would be more suitable.

Map to St Mary’s by the Sea.

St Marys by the Sea Port Douglas


St Marys’s Catholic Church is also located in Port Douglas.

St Mary’s Catholic church is a light airy church that can seat 150+ guests. It is located on Endeavour St, a 5 minute drive from the town centre.


Do myself and my partner have to be Catholic to be married here?  No, just one of you.

Do I have to become Catholic? No.

Can I bring my own beloved Catholic priest? Absolutely.

Is there a local Catholic priest? Yes.

How much does it cost? A donation to cover admin fees.

Can I get married on any day of the week? Yes

How long can I have the church/gardens for – No restrictions or time limits providing there isn’t a scheduled service. But let’s be honest, the party isn’t at the church now is it?!

Can I have musicians or an iPod playing? Yes plenty of room for a full band if that’s your preference.

Is there parking? Yes.

Is there room for a group shot and family photos. Yes there is a large grassed area and trees to the right of the church.

How much notice do I need to give to get married in a Catholic Church? Couples are asked to give at least six months notice to the officiating priest. One month notice is obligatory by law, but the longer notice requested here allows for a calm and serious preparation for marriage.

How can I make contact? ph 07 40982001 or click here

Map to St Mary’s Catholic church.

Port Douglas Churches

The lovely Marnie and Will at St Mary’s Catholic Church.  Images by Sass