Sugar Wharf ceremony ideas

It can be too hot to hold a ceremony on the deck for much of the year (check out the likely weather here). The Wharf faces out to the west which is incredible for sunset views and ambience, but before 4:30pm the heat can be hard to handle.  If you’re already locked into this, you’ll need some shade for your guests, lot’s of cold water and fans.  If you have the option of a 5pm ceremony or later, why not ask your photographer about doing your photo shoot before the ceremony. This is common practise in the USA. It means you can get straight into party time without leaving your guests.

Whilst most people tend to have less wrinkles and a healthy glow ( true story ) in the tropics, the climate can be hard on our bodies. The experts suggest that our blood vessels swell to try and keep us cool.  Lot’s of water and not too much salt helps with the swelling of hands/feet etc. So keep in mind your ring finger may be a little bigger than usual. Popping a bit of paw paw ointment or vas on the inside of the wedding bands can save an awkward ring exchange.