Wedding reception at Flames of the Forest

Dave and Elise tell us about their Flames shindig…

“We wanted the Reception to be the party to end all parties, when we saw Flames Of The Forest there was no more venue searching, we had found the perfect place, absolutely stunning and no noise restrictions! We decided on a canapé style reception so our guests could mingle and make new friends.  We kept the reception location a secret from our guests to add an air of mystery and fun to the event, it was hilarious hearing all the different ideas people had for where they thought they were going.  Driving into the forest and hearing our guests gasp when the wall of fire crossed the road was fantastic. Our Reception cards in the wedding invites read “Please join us in the celebration of our marriage at a mystery location for a selection of canapés, drinks and awkward but enthusiastic dancing”. (I am known for my awkward but enthusiastic dance style). We wanted a reception full of dancing and merriment that reflected our personalities.  My brother was our MC and he did an amazing job, there was so much laughter and dancing, truly the greatest night of our lives”

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flames of the forest reception flames of the forest lighting flames of the forest lights and tables