What to Wear and More

The favourable weather is a top reason for visitors to Port Douglas (see more about it here).  As the rest of the country dons beanies and scarves, the locals of Port settle into their favourite time of year.  With average temperatures of 25º, it’s hard to call winter winter, it’s more like the ‘other summer’ or springish. Bearing this in mind, there are a few things to consider when heading north for a tropical love fest soirée.

For the man of the minute, skip the 3 piece suit. Whilst without it he may not look so traditionally dapper, it’s just too hot! If however a sweaty or fainting groom is high on your priority list, by all means suit up!

Vests are a great alternative, a white shirt and bow tie is perfectly acceptable, or if it’s a more relaxed affair, an ironed shirt is completely passable, particularly on hot days (late October – February).  I’m not saying he shouldn’t wear a jacket, I’m just saying consider a spare shirt for the reception.

Warmer temperatures and humidity can cause fingers and footsies to get hot as well.  Not like an allergic reaction to bees but enough to make the ring exchange a little awkward and feet to be sore after a night in fancy shoes.  Pack some paw paw ointment or vaseline and put the smallest amount on the inside of the wedding bands (not the outside.. we mustn’t drop them).

Pack some comfy shoes to change into during the reception and offer that option to your guests.  You want them to remember the best night of the year, not the night they broke up with stilettos.  Stay hydrated and skip the tequila slammers and chips on the day of the wedding, too much salt will add to the problem.

For those that have skipped to the end..

1. No three pieces suits (unless he’s worth millions and there’s no prenup)

2. Pack the Vas or Paw Paw ointment ( haha you’re going to have to go back and read why )

3. Life moves considerably slower in Port than in most other places. Take a big deep breath of clean tropical air when you arrive, grab yourself a cucumber mojito and relax.

Team Lounge xx